Aluminum Sand Castings Manufacturing

Automatic Molding, Roto-Lift Molding & Large Complex Castings

Process Casting Size  
Automatic Molding 1 to 30 lbs. Learn More
Roto-Lift Molding 30 to 100 lbs. Learn More
Large, Complex Castings 100 lbs. or greater Learn More

Aluminum Alloys, Inc...a Leader in Aluminum Castings Production

Aluminum Alloys is the largest foundry of its type on the East Coast. Specializing in large, complex aluminum castings, Aluminum Alloys offers design, manufacturing, and finishing facilities for aluminum castings production. By keeping all casting manufacturing in-house, Aluminum Alloy maintains better control of the manufacturing process, reduces overall lead time for clients, and typically saves customers from 7 to 12% in hidden manufacturing costs.

Aluminum Alloys operates as three facilities within one. Small parts weighing 1 to 30 pounds are molded on one of three fully automatic cost efficient moldling machines. Molds can be produced in 45 seconds on this equipment. Parts 30 to 100 pounds are molded on semi-automatic roto-lift stations, while large parts, 100 to 2000 pounds are molded by experienced craftsmen coordinated with single pour technology, which in turn saves cost.