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Complete to Print Castings Manufacturing Cababilities

More than 51 years of excellence in customer service and product superiority are characteristics of this company’s dedication to the perfection of the aluminum sand castings they produce.

Widely Diversified Facilities

Aluminum Alloys is the largest foundry of its type on the East Coast with its own machine shop, providing in-house machining and finishing capability to furnish parts complete to print. By assuming full single source responsibility, Aluminum Alloys can relieve customer of problems with split vendor orders, which results in maintaining better control of the manufacturing process and often reduces overall lead time. Experience has shown this approach also saves customers from 7 to 12% in “hidden costs.”

Aluminum Alloys operates as three facilities within one. Small parts weighing 1 to 30 pounds are molded on one of three fully automatic cost efficient molding machines. Molds can be produced in 45 seconds on this equipment. Parts 30 to 100 pounds are molded on semi-automatic rotolift stations, while large parts, 100 to 2000 pounds are molded by experienced craftsmen coordinated with single pour technology, which in turn saves cost.

The 150,000 square foot facility is located on nine acres of property near Reading, Pennsylvania. Recently, the company purchased 8 additional acres for future expansion. Aluminum Alloys employs 150 non-union craftsmen who possess the technical skills to supply sound castings for the most demanding designs.

Aluminum Alloys continues its dedication to growth through an ongoing program of facility and process improvements to meet future customer needs, especially in difficult applications.

Aluminum Alloy Casting Capabilities

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Automatic Mold Making Machines:

Aluminum Alloys facility features three automatic mold making machines, each offering a distinctive feature to producing aluminum castings.

  • 20"x24" Hunter used for parts with weights ranging from 1 to 30 lbs.
  • 20"x26" B&P machine with a rotary table mechanism which allows for large core setting.
  • 32"x32" Sinto with a consistent 45 second and "drawer" core-setting arrangement which helps to reduce tooling costs.
Rotolift Molding Stations:

The 4 rotolift molding stations fill the gap for 30 to 100 lbs. casting requirements. Items such as medical bases and oil pans can be molded on these work-horses of the foundry industry.

Flask sizes of 18"x24" thru 32"x70" extend the capabilities across a broad range of configurations. If needed, these semi-automatic machines back up any of the fully automatic equipment unit normal production can be resumed.

Floor Molding Area:

The floor molding area is comprised of 4 stations. Parts up to 10'x10' are molded by skilled craftspeople. Aluminum Alloys is one of the leading producers of large castings in the U.S. Each year more than 6,000 castings weighing 100 lbs. or more are produced.

Pattern Making:

Pattern making requires a high degree of attention to detail. In addtion to an in-house pattern shop, specialists in the field are used to supply quality patterns in wood and metal matchplates.

Core Making:

Good core making design and manufacturing is inherent to producing quality castings. The 2 cold set core machines fill large core boxes at rates of 300 to 500 lbs. per minute. Oil based and shell core making equipment can meet the most complicated design demands with the least expensive cost.

Single Tilt Pour Technology:

Single tilt pour technology and expertise have been combined to produce extremely large castings on a production basis. Each year, we pour more than 6,000 aluminum castings weighing 100 lbs. or more with most castings exceeding 250 lbs.