Quality Assurance

Quality Processing is a Priority at Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Castings of the Highest Quality

Aluminum Alloys maintains a high quality of product throughout the entire manufacturing process. From the delivery of ingot and sand to the final dimensional check, considerable attention is given to all products as outlined by process control sheets for each casting requirement.

The quality facilities include mass spectrometry for metal analysis, SPC of sand control, physical testing, dye penetrate, x-ray, pressure testing and electronic dimensional checking. An extensive record keeping system compiles the data for complete traceability. State of the art computerized production control programs provides daily production status updates allowing consistent on time deliveries.

Aluminum Alloys continues its dedication to quality through an ongoing program of facility and process improvement to meet future customer needs, especially in difficult applications.



In House Tensile Texture

In House Tensile Testing

Mass Specrometer

Mass Spectrometer



Quality Assurance
Quality Process Includes:
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Physical Testing
  • Pressure Test & Leak Checking
  • Electronic Dimensional Checking
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Dye Penetrant Testing